About Maison Mano

What separates a house from a home is in the details. A home’s bespoke features can only be fully enhanced when complemented by custom interior design pieces.

With that in mind, acclaimed fashion designer Zehava Harel and interior designer Davide Casaroli have partnered to create a line of decorative furnishings.

The pair met while consulting with a mutual client, and instantly bonded over their appreciation of stylistic simplicity. Tapping into a wealth of knowledge of materials and fabrics, the result of the collaboration is a collection of lush pillows that add style and freshness to your home.

For our launch we have limited our collection to no more than 16 styles of decorative pillows, each made with only exclusive high-end designer fabrics. By using limited runs of materials sourced globally, and producing in the US, we guarantee a truly unique line of pillows for that exquisite setting.

Our belief is that comfort shouldn’t be a luxury, that’s why our company’s mission drives us to do more than just create home furnishings. For every pillow purchased on our website, we will donate a sleeping pillow to a person in need. By giving back to our community we hope to make a lasting impact on those with limited economic opportunities and within the homeless community.

Our motto is “A Pillow for a Pillow”.

Our Designers


Zehava Harel’s love affair with fashion began at a young age. Her first fashion icon was her mother, who instilled in her a desire to always dress well and look her best. This fashion foundation was already set firmly in place when Zehava traveled extensively after graduating from FIDM Los Angeles in 2012. During her travels she found the inspiration to design her first bridal collection for the Spring/Summer 2015 season.

Zehava brings her eye for enigmatic elegance and modern timelessness into each piece created for Maison Mano.

Davide Casaroli is a young and hip Italian interior designer and architect who founded Davide Casaroli Design Inc. after working for top US design firms.

Upon graduating from Politecnico di Milano in 2010 Davide went on to work with Diana Balmori, Sandra Ruggiero, Trip Haenisch and Windsor Smith to name a few. Davide’s attention to detail and keen eye for well balanced spaces make his design aesthetic sought after by the most discerning clients in Los Angeles.

Together with Zehava he has created a collection of classic pillow designs to give your home a modern touch.